UBC’s Centre for Integrated Research on Sustainability (CIRS)

Video: The Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability

The Collaborative for Advanced Landscape Plannning (CALP) has recently opened our research studio at the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS).

The building’s opening grew into a two-day conference attended by hundreds of the region’s leading sustainability pracitioners, academics and consultants. Local speakers such as David Suzuki, as well as international experts in sustainability technologies such as Ian Bishop (University of Melbourne), Katy Appleton (University of East Anglia, U.K.) and Michael Flaxman (MIT) discussed the future of our cities and regions, establishing regenerative communities, and techniques to get us there:

Video: David Suzuki’s keynote address for the conference

When asked about bridging between new research in sustainability and local policy for implementation, panelists suggested that the engagement process and communication mediums are critical. Also, small victories such as making strong connections with individuals as part of a planning process can percolate within an institution and lead to longer-term wins.

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