DPI Territorial

DPI Territorial is a consulting practice with offices in Vancouver and Guadalajara. DPI provides community, environmental, land use, climate change and energy planning services for rural and urban areas. Our clients include government, First Nations and indigenous groups, non-government and non-profit organizations, academic institutions and the private-sector land development industries. Our professional services include:

Community engagement. DPI works with local landowners, the public and decision-makers throughout all phases of co-design and collaborative planning processes. Our team is multidisciplinary can build meaningful, productive partnerships, facilitate engagement and can liaison between stakeholders. This builds meaningful, productive relationships, improves dialogue and integration of diverse ideas, and can assess public acceptability of proposed solutions.

Designing and planning communities. Ranging from designing individual neighbourhoods to generating master plans for entire cities and regions, DPI can support clients needing to optimize land-use that satisfies multiple goals such as economic development, tourism, carbon-neutrality and environmental health. We conduct thorough research, make design and planning recommendations based on science and stakeholder input, and facilitate constructive discussion with community leaders and council members to develop effective policies for guiding sustainable growth.

Computer modeling, mapping and 3D visualization. DPI can provide state-of-the-art spatial and numerical computer modeling for understanding environmental impacts, greenhouse gas emissions, energy generation potential and demand, population density and transportation options of future development scenarios or concept plans. We also provide advanced cartography, GIS analytics and programming, remote sensing and decision-support with complex spatial analysis, 3D modeling and visualizations and photo-real visual simulations.